Spanish community of Rust


Hispania - SOLO ONLY

Map size: 3,700
Procedural map, pure Rust, unmodified (Vanilla)
Compatible with the Rust+ mobile application
Weekly map wipe - monthly BPs wipe

SOLO ONLY, no teams, no cooperatives, no alliances

On this server you play ALONE, it is forbidden to play as a team or with alliances
You cannot gift anything to other players, even if you leave the server
It can only be traded in safe zones

No insult please

This server automatically restarts every day at 10 AM


Last completed wipe data


When do Hispania servers wipe?
1.- First Thursday of the month. Full wipe at approximately 8:00 p.m.
2.- Rest of Thursday. Map wipe at 4:00 p.m.

Hispania servers have anti DDoS protection.
Hispania servers have anti-cheat protection: Scripts, WallHack, NoRecoil, AIMBot, etc.
There is an Admin for most of the day taking care of the proper functioning of the servers, that the rules are complied with, checking for possible hackers, etc.
If you view any cheater, report him in game by pressing F7

Cooperate with Hispania

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Interesting Links

We have a Discord server, join by clicking on the link Discord Hispania

YouTube channel of Hispania. Cheaters, bans, buildings, etc.

If you are looking for hosting, Hispania servers are hosted here ServersGame.es

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